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Pre-Drilling Services

​​Prior to drilling our teams can prepare an investigation location by the following techniques:

  • Service pit excavation by hand tools (hand digging)

  • Service pit excavation by vacuum excavation (water or air lance)

  • Concrete breaking (breaker hammer)

  • Concrete coring (diamond coring)

  • Concrete sawing and cutting

To maximise efficiency we can supply separate teams to carry out this work ahead of the drilling crew where required.

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Borehole Drilling, In-Situ Testing & Well Installation

Geotron offer a wide range of borehole drilling services from hand held portable techniques through to percussive and hydraulic drilling rigs.   Boreholes drilled can be backfilled on completion or installed with soil gas and groundwater monitoring wells (single, dual or multi-level wells e.g. Solinst CMT ) or wells designed for remediation of contaminated soils and/or groundwater (injection wells, abstraction wells, vapour extraction wells etc.)

The main drilling techniques we offer are as follows:

  • Hand augering and cased hand drilling

  • Hand-held percussive window sampling

  • Soil vapour probing and vapour pin installation

  • Window and Windowless sampling (drop hammer rig)

  • Dynamic sampling (rotary/percussive rig/direct push rig)

  • Hollow stem auger (8" & 10") (with and without dynamic sampling)

  • Open hole rotary drilling (water, air or air-mist flush)

  • Rotary coring (conventional & wireline; water, air or air-mist flush)

  • Cable percussion drilling (shell & auger; 6" to 15" casing & tooling)

During drilling, we are able to carry out insitu geotechnical testing and sampling including:

  • Standard Penetration Tests (SPT/CPT)

  • Thick-walled U100 undisturbed samples

  • Thin-walled UT100 undisturbed samples

  • Bulk & Disturbed samples


Other Services 

In addition to standard borehole drilling and installation we can offer the following additional services:​

  • Well development by a variety of techniques including air lift, surge block etc. 

  • Packer Testing

  • Remediation product injection by Geoprobe injection systems (fixed or sacrificial tip systems)

  • Remediation product injection via wells using packers

  • Well decommissioning (by pressure grouting, backfilling or overdrilling)

  • TRL DCP testing for CBR value determination

  • Working to PFAS Protocols

  • Mechanical Excavation (trial pitting & trenching etc.)

Through our industry partners we can also offer a range of subcontracted services as part of our package including but not limited to:

  • Utility clearance surveys to PAS128

  • UXO supervision

  • Topographical (XYZ) surveys by GPS

  • Soil sampling, on site screening and sequence logging

  • CBR/Plate Load testing

  • Downhole Geophysics

  • Geotechnical and Chemical Laboratory Testing

  • Waste Management

  • Mechanical Excavation (trial pitting & trenching etc.)

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