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Dando Cable Percussion Rigs (4 Rigs)

We currently have 4 Dando cable percussion rigs in the fleet - two Dando 2500 rigs, one Dando 2000 and one Dando 175 rig.  These rigs can operate with casing and tooling at 150mm (6"), 200mm (8"), 250mm (10"), 300mm (12") and 380mm (15").  Telescopic casing can be used when geology or clean drilling requirements dictate. 


A variety of different down hole drilling tools are used depending on the geological sequence encountered including bailers/shells for loose/saturated soils and clay cutters/chisels for cohesive/stiff soils.  SPTs can be undertaken at defined intervals and U100 thick or thin walled samples can be collected when in cohesive material.  Bulk and disturbed soil samples can be also be collected for subsequent laboratory testing.

Cable percussion boreholes can be installed with gas/groundwater monitoring and remediation wells  from standard 50mm ID installs to wells in excess of 300mm in diameter depending on the investigation or remediation design.

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