Dando 2500/2000

Dando 2500/Dando 2000

The new Dando 2500 cable percussion rig has been part of the fleet since September 2014. This a one of the new generation of this traditional style of drilling rig, designed with new safety features including the economical and operationally safe Hatz soundproof engine, remote control rig erection system and winch guarding.

The rig is equipped with a range of casing diameters and down-the-hole drilling tools to deal with the many different types of unconsolidated and weathered bedrock geology present in the UK.

During borehole advancement, we can conduct Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) and Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs). We can also collect Undisturbed Samples (U100s, U70s) and Disturbed Samples from small jars to bulk bags for subsequent geotechnical and environmental testing.

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Technical Specification

Rig Manufacturer Dando
Model 2500/2000
Company holding 3
Drilling techniques Cable percussive drilling (150mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm)
Open tube sample (U100 /
UT100) & Standard penetration tests (SPTs)
Weight 2.7 tonnes
Width (transport/working) 1.86m/2.10m
Transport Height 1.86m
Transport Length 8.46m (excluding towing vehicle)
Working Height (min) 6.83m
Working Length 4.79m
Carriage type Single axle trailer towed by support vehicle
Engine/Power Supply
Manufacturer & Model Hatz 2L41C
Power 36Hp/27.0kW
Fitted with chalwyn (shut-down) valve & spark arrestor
Max hook load 2.5t
Max derrick loading (2
pulleys/3 falls)