Geoprobe Rigs (2 Rigs)


Geotron currently own 2 Geoprobe rigs, a 7822DT and a smaller 66DT unit.  These rigs are high capacity direct push machines with a narrow tracked base for good manoeuvrability and for use in limited access areas. The 7822DT is also equipped with a strong rotary head for augering, giving flexibility and versatility in its drilling capabilities.

As well as the full range of Geoprobe direct push, in-situ sampling and injection capabilities, fast sampling progress can be achieved when using the Geoprobe DT325/DT22 soil sampling systems, with soil samples collected inside liners for high quality environmental sampling.

Using Geoprobe’s wide array of high quality tooling options we can offer services including:

  •  lined soil sampling

  •  grab water and soil vapour sampling

  •  installation of wells by direct push as well as hollow stem augering techniques

  •  direct injection of in-situ remediation products

Geoprobe 66DT.jpg