Why Us

Why choose us?

Economical, Efficient and Professional

Our aim is to understand our client’s objectives and to help them achieve their goals in an economical, efficient and professional manner. We aim to fulfil and, if possible, exceed our client’s expectations on every job that we undertake.

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Health and Safety Record

We pride ourselves on our excellent understanding and documentation of health and safety issues, but also ensure that the written word is put into practice. Our crews won’t need reminding to wear the required PPE, it is second nature to us.

Specialist Drilling Rigs

We operate multi-purpose hydraulic drilling rigs, some of which are unique to us in the UK, which allows a single rig to use a number of different drilling techniques to advance a borehole to the required depth depending on the geological strata encountered. We do not have to work within the usual limitations of a ‘shell and auger rig’ or a ‘rotary rig’ as we can combine the benefits of both using a single machine.

Quality Well Installations

We believe that the installation of high quality boreholes and monitoring/remediation wells is crucial to:

  • the collection of accurate and representative soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis;
  • the measurement and evaluation of geological and hydrogeological parameters;
  • the safeguarding of the sampling points for future monitoring; and
  • the successful operation of an in-situ remediation system.

To this end we use <1mm slotted well screen, 1-2mm washed and graded filter gravel and high quality bentonite sealing materials as standard and take care over every installation.

Understanding Contamination

We understand the complexities of contaminant behaviour in different geological and hydrogeological scenarios and ensure that our drilling techniques not only allow collection of high quality samples for laboratory analysis, but also prevent cross contamination between potentially contaminated and/or water bearing strata. We can offer a number of different ‘clean drilling’ options (e.g. sacrificial casing, telescopic casing etc.) depending on the geological sequence and contaminant distribution and behaviour.

Reliable and Competent Office Backup Service

We operate an efficient and knowledgeable office backup service for our clients and our crews. We are always available for provision of estimates, preparation of pre-start HSE documentation and for general advice and enquiries. Your deadlines are our deadlines and we work together with our clients to ensure the best chance of winning work. In addition, our crews can work safe in the knowledge that materials and general project logistics will be organised on their behalf and effectively communicated resulting in smooth and efficient project execution.