Geoprobe 66DT

Geoprobe 66DT

Geotron UK own and operate a Geoprobe 66DT direct push rig. As well as the full range of Geoprobe direct push, in-situ sampling and injection capabilities, this rig is ideally suited to soil sampling using standard windowless sampling (115mm casing, 101mm sampler).

Faster sampling progress can be achieved when using narrower diameter sampling equipment (Geoprobe DT325/DT22 soil sampling systems), with soil samples collected inside liners for high quality environmental sampling.

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Technical Specification

Rig Manufacturer Geoprobe
Model 66DT
Company holding 1
Drilling Techniques Direct Push – Geoprobe DT22/DT325 sampling systems
Dynamic Sampling/window sampling
Probing & injection
SP16 groundwater grab sampling
Weight 2.2 tonnes
Width 1.22m
Transport Height 2.16m
Transport Length 2.39m
Working Height (min) 3.89m
Working Length 2.75m
Carriage type Steel reinforced rubber tracks
Transport vehicle Towed by support vehicle on 2t plant trailer
Engine/Power Supply
Manufacturer & Model Kubota V 2003-TE
Power 48Hp/36kW
Fitted with chalwyn (shut-down) valve & spark arrestor
Mast/Drill Head
Drill head stroke 1.67m
Max pull up 4.6t
Max pull down 3.4t
Direct push – hammer
percussion rate
Hydraulic Hammer Geoprobe GH62 – direct push drill head