Comacchio GEO 305

Our first Comacchio GEO 305  joined the Geotron UK fleet in November 2017, the second in April 2021.  This rig is the bigger brother of the Comacchio GEO205 and enables our crews to take on the challenge of drilling deeper and larger diameter boreholes when ground conditions are too much of a challenge for the GEO205.

Although heavier and stronger the rig is still a compact, manoeuvrable machine, capable of drilling using a variety of percussive and rotary drilling techniques including dynamic sampling, augering, rotary open hole and rotary coring.

The rig is transported within a custom-built, beavertail box truck or our ‘Cheesewedge’ beavertail transporter truck for flexible and rapid mobilisation to sites around the UK and throughout Europe where required.