Comacchio GEO 205

Comacchio GEO 205

The Comacchio GEO 205 is a compact multi-purpose hydraulic rig, capable of drilling using rotary augers (solid or hollow stem), rotary drilling through rock (open hole or coring), rotary percussive drilling (using cased DTH) and window sampling.  Geotron UK currently operate five of these drilling rigs.

The most common drilling technique used dynamic sampling with either hollow stem augers or rotary casing . This combination of techniques allows rapid, high quality soil sampling with the capacity to case the borehole as sampling proceeds.  Monitoring or remedial wells can then be installed through the centre of the hollow stem or within the casing.

If penetration of bedrock is required, this rig can also perform open hole rotary drilling and rotary coring as a follow-on or stand-alone technique. Our ODS cased rotary percussive systems can also be used to advance boreholes through dense, compacted granular overburden deposits.

The machine is mounted on rubber crawlers, is approximately 2.9 tonnes in weight and has a mast height of 4.8m (with a removable section to reduce height if required).

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Technical Specification

Rig Manufacturer Comacchio
Model Geo 205
Company holding 5
Drilling Techniques Rotary open hole (air/air-mist/water flush)
Rotary coring (air/air-mist/water flush)
Downhole hammer and
casing systems (ODEX, ROBIT, ODS) (air/air-mist flush)
Geobor S (wireline) coring and openhole (water flush)
Hollow stem auger
Dynamic Sampling
Open tube sample (U100/
UT100) & Standard penetration tests (SPTs)
Weight 2.7 tonnes
Width 1.14m
Transport Height 1.94m
Transport Length 4.83m
Working Height (min) 4.80m –  Section can be removed from mast – working height 4.30m
Working Length 3.3m
Carriage type Steel reinforced rubber tracks
Transport vehicle 18t rigid box wagon
Engine/Power Supply
Manufacturer & Model Kubota V 1505T
Power 42Hp/31kW
Fitted with chalwyn (shut-down) valve & spark arrestor
Mast/Drill Head
Drill head stroke 2.5m
Max pull up 2.5t
Max pull down 2.5t
Drill head (1st gear) 3800Nm @ 40rpm
Drill head (2nd gear) 1900Nm @ 80rpm
Drill head (3rd gear) 1200Nm @ 125rpm
Drill head (4th gear) 600Nm @ 250rpm
Max hook load 1t
Cable Percussion Device
Max drill tool weight 200kg
Stroke height 400mm
Stokes/min 45/min
Clamps & Casing Extractor
Type  Double clamp
Max passage diameter  220mm
Max casing diameter  220mm
Min casing diameter  45mm
Clamping force (max)  13.0t
Casing extractor torque  10.0 Nm
Casing extractor  9.6t/254mm
(Max. pull/stroke)
Hydraulic Hammer
Energy per stroke 160J
Max stroke rate 1150/min
 Water Pump
 Type: Piston pump  Gamma 80
 Flow Rate  85 l/min
 Pressure  50bar
 Type: Progressive cavity pump  Belling NG400
 Flow Rate  60 l/min
 Pressure  14bar